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Luxury Living Long Island
Planning to sell a luxury property on Long Island in the near future? Then it's important to understand exactly what luxury buyers are looking for in their next home. While every buyer is unique, there are certain things that every luxury buyer wants to see. Marketing a luxury home comes down to traditional factors like location and amenities, along with an understanding of the latest trends in the world of luxury real estate. Our real estate agents are here to help, with a guide to what luxury shoppers are looking for on Long Island.

Learn What Luxury Home Buyers Are Looking For

When you browse Long Island luxury homes, you'll find that while each home is unique, there are also some common threads that tie together the most in-demand properties. Whether it's the perfect location, unique amenities, or the latest technology, there are plenty of ways to make your luxury listing stand out.

Location, Location...

We're sure you know the rest. If your luxury listing is in an ideal location, then you're already off to a great start in marketing the home. Remember, however, that not every buyer wants the same thing when it comes to location. Some want the perfect view, some want the easiest commute, some want maximum privacy, and some want close proximity to nearby attractions. Think about the perks of your location, and highlight them when marketing your home.

Green Is In

Environmentally friendly homes are very popular today, and that extends to the luxury market. A home with ultra-efficient appliances, a modern, well-maintained HVAC system, and smart technology has major appeal. Charging stations for electric vehicles and solar energy systems are also popular green features for luxury homes.

Luxurious Amenities

Do your master bedroom and bath both look like they could have been plucked straight from luxury living publications? Do you have a high-end home theater, gym, sauna, or other popular in-home amenities? Did you spring for something truly unique, that buyers won't be able to find anywhere else? Luxury buyers want a home that goes far beyond the average, so be sure to show off your home's best amenities.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

As with any type of home, luxury shoppers will be spending plenty of time looking at your kitchen and bathrooms. High-end appliances, attractive fixtures, and gorgeous countertops have serious appeal in these areas of the home. A full-featured spa bathroom is a very popular feature in luxury homes, and a big selling point for buyers. Kitchen and bathroom spaces shouldn't just be functional – they need to look great, too.

Low Maintenance

Luxury buyers don't just want a home that looks like it's in good shape, and they definitely don't want to have to do a ton of maintenance when they move into the home. If there are any maintenance issues – major or minor – make sure they're taken care of before potential buyers start arriving.

Finished Outdoor Spaces

Many luxury shoppers are looking for a home that allows them to enjoy the outdoors, and Long Island is a great place to do just that. Whether it's a patio with an outdoor cooking area or a pool area with all the bells and whistles, make sure that the outdoor spaces around your home are a key part of your marketing.

Whether you're buying or selling homes on Long Island, our experienced, local real estate team is here to help you with every step of the process. Contact us at Laffey Real Estate to buy and sell homes in the Long Island, NY area.


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