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Email Post to a Friend: 7 Tips to Keep Your Long Island Home Safe During the Holidays

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Long Island Holiday Home Safety
Many of us wait eagerly for the holidays and all of its festivities. From endless Christmas shopping to holiday parties or an extended vacation, you are on the go and having fun. Unfortunately, burglars have a better chance of robbing your house during the holiday season if it's left unoccupied. 

Our real estate agents have created this list of seven smart tips to outsmart the bad guys:

  1. Stay Off Social Media
    It may be tempting to post that you booked a two-week getaway to Maui for the holidays all over Facebook or Twitter, but remember you just posted that info for anyone to see. This also applies to posting pictures of your decorated house as it gives potential burglars clues of where you live.

  2. Don't Make Yourself a Target
    If you're going on vacation, make it look like the house is occupied. Program your outdoor lights to switch on at dusk and go off at dawn. It's also beneficial to do this with one or two indoor lights so the house isn't pitch black. Snow-blow your driveway and sidewalks before leaving and then leave a parked car so it looks like someone is home. Remember to lock all your doors and windows and set your alarm system.

  3. Ask Your Neighbors to Watch Your House
    Inform them of any family members that you asked to stop by to check on everything and what type of car they drive. Ask your neighbor to collect your mail until you return so your box doesn't become overstuffed and suspicious to potential burglars.

  4. Ship Your Packages Elsewhere
    We do more online shopping during the holiday season than any other time of year. However, that means more packages sit on the porch unattended while we're working long hours. Therefore, check to see if you can get items delivered to your workplace. If it's necessary to get them delivered to your home, use text alerts so you know when they've arrived. If you won't be home soon, ask a trusted neighbor to hold on to them until the end of the day.

  5. Hide Jewelry and Other Valuables in a Locked Safe
    If you're going on vacation, think about storing hot ticket items like your laptop or television elsewhere since burglars often steal these first.

  6. Hide Your Christmas Gifts Out of Sight
    Don't hide them in the garage or your shed, an easy place for burglars to access. Keep them inside your house, in a bedroom closet, away from burglars as well as young children and pets. Wait to put them under the Christmas tree until Christmas Eve. This way, burglars won't see lots of potential loot under the tree for days and try to break a window to access it.

  7. Invest in New Smart Home Technology
    If you want the works, consider getting an all-in-one security system, which includes cameras and motion sensors that report suspicious activity to your smartphone. Other options include a video doorbell, which allows you to see who's on your front porch.

Let us assist you this holiday season with a new home in the Long Island real estate area. Contact us with any questions about your real estate needs.

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