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Email Post to a Friend: Long Island Real Estate: 10 Reasons Why Your Home May Not Be Selling

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Reasons Your Home May Not Sell
It's a worst-case scenario for a home seller. You put your home up for sale and then…nothing. It's frustrating to need to sell your home and not get the kind of offers you want. Or worse yet there's no real interest from buyers at all. You don't have to leave things to chance. Our real estate agents have helped lots of sellers and seen a lot. Here are some of the reasons your home might not be selling.

  1. The price isn't right. There are several reasons the price might be too high. Your home may be priced similarly to others on your street, but if it is smaller, has fewer amenities or needs some work you won't close the sale for the same price your neighbors did. Unfortunately, some agents will use artificially high prices to entice sellers to list with them.
  2. The photos. There can be a few different ways the photos can hurt a sale. If they're not professional-looking, badly lit, or not of specific rooms and features, they won't do much to bring in the buyers.
  3. Little or no curb appeal. As the saying goes, you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. A yard that is overgrown, not cared for, or otherwise in need of some serious TLC, will form a negative impression with buyers immediately.
  4. It's never available to show. If you have lots of restrictions on when an agent can show the home or aren't able to leave on short notice to accommodate a prospective buyer, that can make your home harder to sell.
  5. You're not flexible. The home selling process almost inevitably includes some kind of negotiating, and it's not always about the price. You don't have to give in to unreasonable demands, but remember your goal is to get your home sold and be willing to give a little to find solutions that are acceptable to everyone involved.
  6. Your home has a specific problem. This can be a specific repair or update that needs to be done or it can be a question that buyers have about the layout or function of the home. Some of these issues can be addressed and some can't. When it's something you can't change, you'll probably have to change the price.
  7. The house is too personalized. That can be a negative when it's time to sell. Funky paint colors, vacation souvenirs, and family heirlooms everywhere can prevent buyers from envisioning themselves in the home and making a positive emotional connection with it.
  8. The home doesn't look its best. Believe it or not, sometimes sellers just refuse to do anything to get their home ready to sell. This doesn't mean you have to go renovation crazy, but your home should, at an absolute minimum, be super detail cleaned, decluttered and a fresh coat of neutral paint. Your competition will have done the same.
  9. Unique features. Yes, every home is unique, but some are more unique than others.  Uniqueness doesn't necessarily appeal to everyone and finding a buyer that falls in love with the property can take a little longer.
  10. It needs to be staged or staged differently. Staging can have a real positive effect on buyers when it's done properly. The home shouldn't look too personal, but still, look like humans live there.  

If you're having trouble selling your home it might be time to think about a different agent with a different approach. Laffey Real Estate can help get your Long Island home sold. Contact us today to get started.

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