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New Development Marketing Services

Every development project has unique requirements, objectives, challenges, and opportunities. Whether new single family, condo, new construction or condo conversions, these developments are attractive to a wide array of buyers for a variety of reasons including financial, cultural, environmental, technological and of course, aesthetics.



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Each project is unique; it’s difficult to list the exact tasks the team may take on. In fact, because the Laffey Real Estate Development team is frequently involved very early in the process, the exact list of tasks may be impossible to know until the project has begun and the full scope is known.



Our team works directly with organizations and companies to assist in the development and sales of residential and mixed use real estate projects. The primary role of the development consultant is to assist in the formation of the entire real estate development process—from initial concept to the start of operations for the finished project culminating with the sale of the land or the awarding of the listing agreements to sell or rent the lots/units/homes.

Engaging the services of the Laffey Real Estate development team is a cost effective method to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to develop real estate without the need to hire new staff or re-direct existing resources.

Developing real estate is a cumulative process with each step forming a foundation for the next, it is important for the development consultant to be hired by owners as early as possible in the process. Decisions made, or not made, early in the development process can have a major impact later in the process. Awareness of how early decisions impact later in the process is one of the skills a qualified development consultant brings to a project.


What Does a Real Estate Development Consultant Do?

By working together, the owner and the Laffey Real Estate Development Team coordinate tasks either independently or in conjunction with other members of the owner’s development team. These tasks normally include:

  • Oversee the preparation of development program and concept plan(s).
  • Undertake market/need/demand analysis.
  • Identify, evaluate and assist with negotiating property acquisition.
  • Assist with project design (particularly from market and budget perspectives).
  • Advise on design and content of marketing materials.
  • Coordinate marketing/application/pre-leasing/pre-sales process.
  • Listing/negotiating the land for sale should developer decide not to proceed.
  • Provide market analysis including competitor product, amenities, sales office staffing.
  • Prepare listing agreement in accordance with approved prospectus to bring lots, units, homes to market.
  • Provide ongoing market comparisons, agent-on-site staffing, visitor, contract, closing reporting.

The Project Development Marketing Division unifies all of these components and creates dynamic INLINE marketing campaigns designed to target the unique demographics of a specific buyer pools.

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