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Email Post to a Friend: 10 Things You Need to Know About Living on Long Island

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Living on Long Island
Life is just a little sweeter when you live on Long Island, and there are so many reasons to love calling the island home. Whether you're searching for outdoor fun, waterfront views, spectacular real estate, or excellent entertainment, you'll find it close to home on Long Island. Our real estate agents are here to help you get acquainted, with our guide to ten things you need to know about living on Long Island.

Loving Long Island

  1. Long Island Is Part of NYC, but...
    Long Island is one of the most connected islands in the world, but it's also its own unique place. Queens and Brooklyn are technically part of the island, but most people are talking about Nassau and Suffolk Counties when referring to Long Island.

  2. If You're Going to "The City," You're Going to Manhattan
    Heading to Manhattan for a great night on the town? Sure, you could just tell people that you're headed to Manhattan, but where's the fun in that? Just tell the locals that you're headed to "The City" instead.

  3. Public Transportation Takes You Anywhere
    Traffic is part of life for drivers on Long Island, but you can reach every corner of NYC without getting behind the wheel of your car. The Long Island Railroad (LIRR) is one of the busiest commuter lines in the world.

    Montauk Lighthouse
  4. Long Island Is Home to New York's Oldest Lighthouse
    Your never far from another historic site on Long Island, and the Montauk Lighthouse is one of the most iconic landmarks on the island. Built in 1796, the Montauk Lighthouse is a National Historic Landmark.

  5. Enjoy Beautiful Beaches on Long Island
    While beaches may not be the first thing you think of in NYC, Long Island has more than its share of beautiful beaches. Whether you're looking to surf or simply soak in the sun, you can do it on Long Island.

  6. The Jets and Giants are New York's Teams
    Yes, they play in New Jersey if you want to get technical about it. No, the people of Long Island don't care about that. They are New York's teams, and most Long Island residents grew up rooting for one or the other.

    Long Island Native Billy Joel

  7. There's No Shame in Loving Billy Joel
    If you've ever listened to, oh, any Billy Joel song, then you may already know that the man is proud to call Long Island home. And the locals are proud to have him! You'll see plenty of smiles when Billy Joel comes on the radio.

  8. Long Island Is Home to the Best Bagels and Pizza in NYC
    Long Island has the best bagels and pizza in NYC. There, we said it. The other boroughs may argue, but the people of Long Island know the truth.

  9. History Is Around Every Corner on Long Island
    It's not just the Montauk Lighthouse. There are historic buildings, iconic sites, and stories around every corner on Long Island, along with plenty of allegedly haunted places to explore.

  10. Half-and-Half Doesn't Belong Anywhere Near Your Coffee
    Arnold Palmer may have grown up one state to the west, but his favorite drink is one of the most popular beverages on Long Island. If you order a half-and-half (aka an Arnold Palmer), be prepared for a mix of iced tea and lemonade.

Are you searching for the right home where you can enjoy all the charms of Long Island and the whole city? Contact Laffey Real Estate to buy and sell homes throughout Long Island, NY.

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