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Long Island Old Westbury Mansion

Our real estate agents are forever on the lookout for the very best properties throughout Long Island. Not surprisingly, it's the place to find some of the most striking modern homes anywhere in the region – and many of them even find their way on the market. 

Naturally, living in an older historic property has some interesting challenges. Maintenance and even cleaning can be more complex. But there's simply nothing like knowing that your very own home is a part of the Long Island story. Laffey Real Estate can help you get there.

The most unforgettable historic estate to hit the market in ages is the Old Westbury Estate.

Live in Luxury--and History--at Old Westbury Mansion

Every property has a story, but some stories are longer than others. The Old Westbury Estate has been a mainstay here in Long Island since it first entered into the family of the Carnegie steel magnates. It was built in 1936 by Howard Phipps, son of Carnegie Steel partner Henry.

The Colonial Revival mansion sits on some of the most desirable land in Long Island, right on the Gold Coast, and is expected to go for an asking price of just under $30 million. It sits on more than 90 acres of prime real estate in Old Westbury.

The Old Westbury area attracts visitors fascinated by the opulent splendor indulged by the Carnegie heirs since it is the site of Old Westbury Gardens: The estate of another of Henry Phipp's children. That home allows tours and sits on the National Register of Historic Places.

As for Old Westbury Mansion, it is as astounding as you would imagine!

You won't find its formal name, Erchless, on any real estate paperwork, but this is what the generations of family members and staff have called it. It encompasses more than two dozen rooms total, including a full complement of fifteen bedrooms. Wow!

The main structure is more than 16,000 square feet and the grounds include two fully-stocked bathhouses in traditional style. Of course, there's also a swimming pool. The most unique feature is the extensive gardens, showcasing all manner of award-winning flowers.

In fact, the rhododendrons were recognized by the American Rhododendron Society in 1978. If trees are more your style, you'll find beautiful beech trees that reach to a height of 80 full feet.

There's plenty of infrastructure to keep all those gardens looking lush, as well. You'll spot a pair of greenhouses, a horse stable, three full-sized barns, and even a house for a caretaker to use.

Your Own Long Island Odyssey is Waiting for You

There's only one Old Westbury Estate, but there's no end to the amazing opportunities you can uncover here in Long Island when you choose to work with Laffey Real Estate. No matter your budget or past experience buying property, we'll give you expert advice you can count on.

For superior service from experienced experts, contact us.

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