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Email Post to a Friend: 10 Can't Miss Home Staging Tips

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Long Island Home Staging
Staging your home properly when you're ready to list it on the Long Island real estate market can mean the difference between selling it quickly or having it languish for months. Our real estate agents compiled this checklist of ten tips to make your home shine and stand out from the crowd.

  1. Clean the Clutter
    Although your wedding photos may be a source of enjoyment for you, potential buyers want to envision themselves living there. You're moving anyway, so why not purge, right? Take all unnecessary knick-knacks, toys, photographs, and books and box them up or get rid of them. It's also a good idea to stow away countertop appliances like toasters, blenders and hair dryers.
  2. Clear Closets
    There's no denying closet space sells. Clean out closets, cabinets, drawers and any other storage areas. Leaving a few items is okay, but keep in mind that plenty of potential buyers will want to open storage spaces and peek inside.
  3. Add Accents
    If surfaces like countertops, tables, shelves, and walls are bare, your home can feel sterile. Put out a colorful bowl of fruit in the kitchen, vases of flowers in the living room and master bedroom and hang some tasteful art on the walls
  4. Repaint Brightly-Colored or Dark Walls
    Repainting is an affordable way to make your home look fresh and updated. Cover loud colors with neutral, off-white, beige and gray tones.
  5. Make Little Changes
    Minor changes like replacing cabinet and drawer pulls, updating light fixtures and removing dated wallpaper can make a big difference in how buyers see your home.
  6. Rearrange Furniture
    You want the rooms in your house to look open, bright and airy. An excellent way to accomplish this is to remove excess furniture from your home.  Store furniture and anything that takes up too much room. Move couches, tables and chairs away from the walls and create cozy sitting areas Delineating these spaces with an area rug can give an even more intimate feel.
  7. Let the Light In
    Open up curtains and shades and make sure the lighting in your home shows off each room's best feature.   
  8. Clean Your Home from Top to Bottom
    Use some elbow grease and give floors, windows, countertops and everything else a good once-over. Don't forget to clean baseboards and trim bleach grout and remove soap scum from shower doors. If cleaning's not your thing, hire a professional company to do it. Keep your home tidy while showing it. You never know when your real estate agent may call to ask if they can pop by with a potential buyer.
  9. Get Rid of Pet Odors
    You want your home to smell fresh and clean when people walk through the door. Unpleasant pet odors can make a wrong impression.  If your home still smells after a thorough cleaning, try to find the source of the odor. If you have old carpet that traps pet odors, replace it. It's also a good idea to remove pets and all their accessories when hosting an open house or showing your home.
  10. Create Curb Appeal
    The outside of your home is the first thing potential buyers see, and many will take a ride past to check it out before looking at the inside. Power wash your home, repair any cracks in walkways and make sure landscaping is neat and tidy. Add colorful pots of flowers to make porches and decks pop. Painting the front door and adding house numbers can also improve curb appeal.

Want to more tips from our pros when it's time to sell your home and buy another, contact us to learn more.

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