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Email Post to a Friend: Long Island City: Getting to Know Hunters Point

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Long Island Hunters Point

Our real estate agents know that all Long Island City homes for sale have their own story, and each community helps to write that store. Take Long Island, for example. It is known for its colorful neighborhoods.

That's not surprising when you consider the unique part of Long Island in the history of New York. Some of the most significant cultural, artistic, and even scientific contributions to come out of the Empire State have been born right here. And amazing things are continuing to happen every single day.

And then there's Long Island City, one of the fastest-growing areas of New York.

Incorporated 1870, Long Island City now boasts a population of 68,000. It's known for gorgeous waterfront parks and its vibrant art community. Hunters Point is one of the most sought-after local neighborhoods, putting everything the city has to offer at your fingertips.

Hunters Point is a Historic Neighborhood You'll Love to Make Your Own

Found on the south side of Long Island City, Hunters Point is famous for its national historic district. The district includes more than a dozen preserved buildings, principally townhouses built in the 19th century. Their significance has been recognized since 1973.

Not to be confused with Hunters Point in San Francisco, our Hunters Point is part of the borough of Queens. It's the neighborhood most people think of when they think Long Island City: A former industrial zone now undergoing a profound revitalization.

The Contemporary Art Center – part of the Museum of Modern Art also known as "PS1" thanks to its past as a schoolhouse – is an internationally acclaimed art institution right in Hunters Point. It is part of the reason Long Island City has the biggest NYC art collection outside Manhattan.

Local restaurants and bars run the gamut of styles and flavors, though they tend to be on the sophisticated side. French bistros and ultra-luxe, chef-driven dining experiences can be found on or near the waterfront, much of which is easy to get around as a pedestrian.

You won't want to miss the perfect views over at Gantry Plaza State Park, the ideal spot to while away time in front of the water. Some of the best shopping awaits nearby, featuring unique local businesses and treasures you won't find anywhere else.

Of course, you won't want to overlook the basics. Hunters Point is within the service area of one of the top local hospitals, Mount Sinai Hospital of Queens. It has its own public library at Court Square. Overall, it's a very safe neighborhood – and highly welcoming for newcomers.

Laffey Real Estate Makes it Easy to Discover Your Dream Home in Hunters Point

It's no secret – the Long Island real estate market can be a tough cookie.

Long Island City has a thriving real estate scene with plenty of beautiful new residential options. Whether you're looking for something ultra-modern or a home with a historic flair, our team can help. Our combination of experience, insight, and customer service is second to none.

Hunters Point is waiting. Contact us to learn more. We look forward to helping you.

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