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Email Post to a Friend: 10 Secrets to Buying a Home in a Different State

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Moving to Different State - Laffey Real Estate

Our real estate agents have helped clients just like you tackle the challenge involved in buying a home in a different state. Although this adds some complexity to the buying process, you can navigate it with help from an expert.

Let's look at some of the secrets to finding your dream home in another state:

  1. Give Yourself Plenty of Time
    Buying from out of state requires even more time than the usual home-buying process. Try to launch your home search as soon as you can. In case any leads go sour, you won't have to rush into a decision you'll regret.

  2. Hire a Buyer's Agent
    A buyer's agent represents your interests, not those of the seller. By hiring a buyer's agent in your new state right away, you can get the lowdown on the best neighborhoods, schools, and other facts you need. This way, you'll make informed decisions faster.

  3. Ask Plenty of Questions
    No question is too big or too small, particularly when you are buying in another state. Be sure you choose a real estate agent you are comfortable talking with regularly, who responds to your calls and emails and gives you complete answers to your questions.

  4. Attend Virtual Tours
    The hot real estate trend of real-time virtual tours benefits you tremendously when buying in a new state. This allows you to view a home online as if you are actually there. Use these to help you build up a shortlist of properties.

  5. Use Weekends to Your Advantage
    You may not be able to spend much time in your new state, but try to visit once or twice. A quick tour through key neighborhoods – and visits to homes on your "shortlist" – will give you greater confidence for moving forward.
  6. Leverage Your Network
    Friends or family in the area where you're moving can help you verify your first impressions of a home. Having someone visit is helpful for all the things you can't tell from photos or videos: Aspects like smells and the neighborhood traffic.

  7. Have Contingencies in Place
    Contingencies are used in real estate contracts to give prospective buyers the chance to walk away without consequence if something goes wrong: For example, discovering costly sewage or electrical issues in the home.

  8. Work with National Companies
    Focusing on businesses that work across state lines will simplify your entire project. Local banks usually require you to visit in person, while a national bank will not. A nationwide title company can make it easier for you to finish closing on a home.

  9. Attend Inspection if You Can
    A home inspection is critical. Here, an expert will lay out all of a home's potential defects. This is another area where seeing is believing. Problems that may seem small in photos can turn out to be unmanageable when you witness them in person.

  10. Set Up a Remote Closing
    The closing day is a relief for most buyers. It can take several hours to sign off on all the things you need to, but you don't have to be there in person. As long as you've reviewed and understood all the documents, you are golden. Your title company can even send a notary to you.

Where can you start when it's time to find expert help for an out-of-state buy? Laffey Real Estate is a member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World. With our unique insight, we will simplify and streamline your move no matter how complicated it seems. Contact us to get started.

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