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Email Post to a Friend: Before You're Finished Unpacking, Do These 5 Things

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5 Things Before Unpacking - Laffey Real Estate

Moving can be nerve-wracking and exhausting. You have to do so many things in one day just to make sure that you move your stuff without any major hiccups. Now that you have safely reached your new home, you have every reason be proud of yourself. But there's a score of immediate tasks to complete before you start unpacking and organizing your home. Our real estate agents share a list of 5 things to do immediately after you move into your new house.

  1. Turn on the Utilities
    You should have arranged the connection of utilities before the move, but if you didn't, now is the time to do so without delay. The utilities may have been shut off, especially if the house has been vacant for a long time. Typically, the first utility companies to call are the water, power, and gas providers. You don't want to find out that you don't have electricity or water after a long day of unpacking. Next, you should consider making arrangements to gain access to other utilities and have them put in your name.

  2. Change the Locks and Set Up Security
    The locks at your new home need to be replaced. It's not that the sellers aren't to be trusted; it's that you just don't know how many strangers have had contact with those keys. This is a good time to call a locksmith and have all the locks changed.

    Installing a good home security system can provide peace of mind because moving to a new area means a lot of unknowns. Check all windows and doors to ensure they close securely. You may also want to purchase first-aid kits and have functional fire-extinguishers.

  3. Update Your Address
    The U.S. Post Office lets you change your mailing address online or in person. You may also need to contact your bank and credit card lenders, government agencies such as the IRS, Veteran's Affairs Office, and the Social Security Office, and any other entities you maintain snail-mail contact with. While you're about it, don't forget to update your vehicle's registration and driver's license with the Department of Motor Vehicle.

  4. Locate the Fuse Box and Main Water Supply Valve
    This is a safety concern. You need to know where to turn off the power and water in the event of an emergency, or just in case you want to fix an issue that requires you to shut off your utilities. You must properly identify and label all the circuit breakers. Get familiar with which fuse controls which part of the house and know how the main water supply valve works. It's also important to familiarize yourself with how to shut off the furnace, water heater, and gas supply valve. If anything is not working the way it should, get it fixed or replaced pronto.

  5. Get Your Essential Items
    Relocation can be exhausting and overwhelming. At the end of it all, you'll need to freshen up and take away the dirt and stress of moving day. You'll also need a comfortable place to lay your weary body when the sun goes down. Make sure to prepare your bathroom and bedroom before you call it a day. Set up your bed, unpack your pillows and bedding, and dig into your bathroom box. Finishing up these rooms first can create a haven for you on your first day in and the days right after. Of course, arranging your kitchen is a priority, but you can unwind for a while and tackle the task later.

Enjoy your new neighborhood! Our list of things to do before you're finished unpacking wouldn't be complete if we didn't tell you to explore and make new friends. Contact us today for your homeownership needs.

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