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Email Post to a Friend: The Ins and Outs of Buying a Home in a Gated Community

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Gated Communities - Laffey Real Estate

Gated communities offer many amenities for homeowners. From added security to guest services, to shared facilities like pools or tennis, a gated community adds that "something extra" to suburban living. While all of these communities offer different bonuses compared with standard street housing, not each community will have the same offerings. Our real estate agents offer the following advice to help you know what to look for when buying a home and to choose the right community for yourself and your family. 

Understand Gated Security

For some communities this may be a simple physical gate with a key or code, in others, this may consist of a robust security system including a staffed security guard. There are benefits and drawbacks to each type of security. If security is simply an automated keypad, this will be less difficult to breach, but personal security may instead be more expensive. Either type of security has a shared safety advantage. However, less traffic in the area means a reduced risk of accidents for both cars and people, as well as less stranger-based vandalism or theft.

Explore HOA Bylaws 

Commonly referred to as an HOA, Homeowners Associations set the rules of your gated community. These rules can range from mandatory property maintenance to the type of pet you can own and the color of your house. HOAs also set the standards for shared facility maintenance and staffing, so a good one will keep everything in top shape. In order to do this, there are associated fees, which can range significantly in cost. The right HOA will help improve your property values for a reasonable price and keep your neighborhood in great shape. The wrong HOA can feel like an invasion of your privacy or a very costly management company. Make sure you do your research.

Socially Connected Communities

Most people find the built-in social atmosphere of these enclosed housing areas attractive. It's frequent for children to play freely along community streets with minimal traffic. Shared community halls and recreation facilities promote frequent socials and get-togethers. Homes tend to retain their value due to upkeep standards, meaning that many residents will be of similar income levels and places in life. Shared amenities and a small group atmosphere means you'll get to enjoy a small-town feel even within a larger city.  

There is a diverse range of housing choices available, so make sure you find the right fit. Contact us to find your perfect home match today.

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