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Email Post to a Friend: Homebuyers: Eight Helpful Hints for Hiring Movers

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Tips for Hiring Movers - Laffey Real Estate

Our real estate agents know the excitement that comes with purchasing a new home fades when you realize just how much stuff you have to move. Hiring movers allows you to get back to thinking about new furniture, curtains, and other things that will help you settle into your new life. These eight helpful tips will make it easier to plan, prepare, and complete the move into your new home.

  1. Hired Hands are Helpful Heroes
    Professional movers should know how to carefully load everything from the piano in the basement to the delicate keepsakes on the mantle. When you contact moving companies, make sure they have the skills and experience required to handle the items in your home.

  2. Get Multiple Quotes
    Some companies will charge extra for this service, while others will charge for that feature. You will need to review quotes from at least three, and preferably five or more, different moving companies. Make sure you verify whether each estimate you receive is binding, non-binding, or binding-not-to-exceed estimate. It is also vital to confirm that each quote includes any fees for stairs, long-haul charges, or packing services.

    While the price is certainly something you will want to factor into your decision, pay closer attention to the value each moving company brings to the table. Spending a little more for a higher quality mover is an investment that's worth every penny.

  3. Be Present During Packing
    You'll want to be home during the packing process. Make sure that young children and pets are out of the house, and be prepared to direct the movers on how you want them to handle delicate artwork, heirlooms, etc. You'll want to supervise the process but don't be overbearing in your requests or guidance.

  4. Goodwill, Garage Sale, or Get Rid of It Before the Movers Arrive
    Clear out the clutter before the movers arrive in your home. Take any items you can donate to Goodwill, garage sale, and "gift" things to friends and family that you don't want to move. Remember, if you're not using it or wearing it now, there is a high probability you won't use it, need it, or want it in your new home.

  5. Read the Contract Carefully
    Always make sure your rights are protected in the moving contract. It is advisable to have your attorney review the agreement for you. There have been instances where moving companies hold possessions hostage until people pay exorbitant hidden costs or "surprise" fees that arise from the move.

  6. Read the Reviews
    Reviews and references are worth their weight in gold when selecting a moving company. Listen carefully to what previous clients say about their experience working with the moving company.

  7. Stand by with Labels
    Placing labels on each box can help movers route each box to the right room in your new home. This simple step can shave some time off the move-in process.

  8. Check the Cube Sheet Before You Leave
    The cube sheet is a final inventory list of everything loaded into the truck. Make sure all furniture, boxes, appliances, etc. are accounted for on the list.  

Contact us for more about ways you can smooth out the bumps on the road to your new home. It's our pleasure to help you plan, prepare, and make your move a little bit easier. 

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