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Email Post to a Friend: Why Your Online House Listing Is Even More Important

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Online Listings - Laffey Real Estate

Online listings have long been a crucial element in selling a homeĀ since most buyers start their search for a property online, and your listing is the first chance to make them fall in love. With so many communities sheltering in place due to the COVID-19 outbreak, online listings have taken on even greater importance. Buyers are forced to shop from a distance, but that hasn't stopped them from wanting to find the right home! As our real estate agents can tell you, there are many reasons why your online house listing is even more important than ever before.

  • More Buyers Than Ever Start Their Search Online
    Even before COVID-19, buyers from nearly every age and demographic flocked to online listings when trying to find their dream home. Whether shopping from across town or across the country, online listings provide an easy way to form a solid first impression of a home ... and maybe even fall in love. Buyers can easily filter search results to hone in on exactly the type of home they want, making it even more likely that your home catches their eye if it matches their needs. If you want to maximize the market for your home and reach the largest number of potential buyers, then an online listing is a must.

  • Current Conditions Increase Importance of Online Listings
    With shelter-in-placeĀ orders in effect in so many communities across the country, it has become either difficult or impossible for most buyers to conduct a home search in person. Online listings, along with other digital tools like virtual showings and open houses, have become the primary way that buyers connect with homes. They want to form more than just a first impression with their online searches, by digging deeper into online listings and virtual tours than ever to decide from a distance if a home really matches their needs.

  • Buyers Are Passionate About Shopping for Homes
    For most buyers, shopping for a home is more than a side project that gets a bit of their attention. It's something that they're thinking about all the time, whether scrolling through online listings on their phone or touring potential new homes from the comfort of their current home office. They want easy access to their target real estate markets no matter their current location, and a high-quality online listing is crucial to catching the eye of those passionate buyers. No matter where they are or what time it is, your online listing is always working to promote your home.

  • Why Quality Matters for Online Listings
    Naturally, the increased emphasis on online home shopping for buyers means that there's more competition with online listings. Professional-quality photography has always been important to make online listings stand out, and has only become more crucial to catching the eye of buyers in busy online markets. It's also important to give buyers a complete impression of what the home has to offer, both in terms of size and amenities. The more you can tell buyers about the property, the easier it is to connect with a buyer who's looking for a home just like yours. This is also another good reason to consider adding a video tour to your online listing.

Whether in challenging times like today or in the best of times, online listings are a critical part of the marketing mix that gets your home sold. Looking for a team that knows how to market your property? Contact us to buy and sell homes in the Long Island, NY area.

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