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Email Post to a Friend: Get Your Home Ready for a Virtual Tour with These Tips

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Virtual Tour Prep - Laffey Real Estate

Deciding to place your home on the market is a major decision. Many people downsize once children leave home. Others look for a larger home to accommodate growing families. In today's high-tech world, setting your home up for a virtual tour increases the potential number of buyers.  

When you get your home ready for a virtual tour, enticing the buyer is the primary goal. You want to show the potential new homeowner the possibilities of owning your home. If you need help, our real estate agents can provide suggestions. Here are general areas to consider when preparing your home for a virtual tour.

  • Declutter
    Removing unnecessary items from your home should be your first step. Remove excess furniture, limit items on shelves, put away toys, store dog crates, and put everything in the proper place, including dishes and laundry. If you're still living in your home, you may want to consider renting a storage space. When a potential buyer views your home through a virtual tour, the rooms need to look spacious.

  • Remove Any Personal Items
    When selling your home, you want a potential buyer to picture their belongings on the walls or shelves. Pack away all of your pictures, refrigerator magnets, and other personalized items.

  • Clean
    After you declutter, cleaning your home from top to bottom is critical. Tackle each room individually. Wash windows and mirrors, wipe down walls, clean counters, dust, and mop floors. If you have carpets, consider hiring a professional to come in steam clean. Wash all bedding and drapes. Empty your trash cans. When setting up a virtual tour, remember the neater your home, the better chances you will have to sell.

  • Upgrade
    Small upgrades can help sell your home. If areas look dull, consider a fresh coat of paint. Fix small cracks that may appear in your flooring, walls, or ceiling tiles. Spackle and fill nail holes or other imperfections that may show up on the camera. Purchase a new shower curtain or other bathroom essentials to provide a fresh appearance.

  • Check Lighting
    When filming your virtual tour, lighting is crucial. Check and replace any burnt out or flickering bulbs. Use light to enhance the rooms. Stronger watt bulbs in the kitchen can show off the amenities, while using lower-wattage bulbs in the bedroom can provide a cozy appearance.

  • Stage Common Areas
    When preparing your home for a virtual tour, think showcase. How would your home look on display? Remember to avoid too much clutter and seasonal items. In the bathroom, close the toilet seat lid.

  • Check Outdoor
    Staging your home's exterior is just as important for a virtual tour. Trim away any dead tree limbs, mow the grass, clean out gutters, pull weeds, and, if necessary, power wash your home's siding. If you have outdoor furniture, effectively stage the items.
  • On the Day of Filming
    When the time arrives to film your virtual tour, check each room for items that may be out of place. A last-minute check allows you to do quick fixes.

Getting your home ready for a virtual tour does require time and effort. With cleaning and staging, you can make your virtual home tour a success. If you prepared to sell or looking for homes to view, please contact us.

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