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Home Features Buyers Want - Laffey Real Estate

Our real estate agents are here to help sellers in New York adapt to a challenging and uncertain time. The real estate market is just one of countless things changing fast as a result of COVID-19—but that doesn't mean you need to put off your sale.

Many buyers are still moving forward with their plans. Online open houses, digital home tours, and easier closings are just a few of the methods keeping sellers and buyers safer. That said, the amenities that buyers are looking for now have changed almost overnight.

You might not need to renovate your home to get aligned with these new trends. Staging and organizing your home correctly can put you ahead of the game in today's very particular market. Here's what you can emphasize now to attract motivated buyers:

  1. Home Office Space
    People all around the United States have found themselves learning how to work from home for the first time. A home office needs to be sufficiently spacious but also isolated enough from the rest of the home to minimize distractions. Basements might soon have a renaissance. Nooks and refitted closets can also work—outfit the space as an office and include photos in your listing.

  2. Abundant Room for Kids
    Adults aren't the only ones suddenly working from home. So are kids, and they'll need spaces of their own to tune in to their video classes. These new homework spots can be smaller, but they also need to be enclosed and somewhat separate. If you don't have a spare bedroom or a closet to convert, consider promoting your eat-in kitchen as an alternative.

  3. A Home Gym
    Many people have found themselves cut off from their regular fitness routine due to closed gyms. Spare home gym equipment used to be just one more thing to store or get rid of; now, it's an essential way to make your home more inviting. If you have the room, set up your equipment, clean it off, and photograph it in its setting under substantial light.

  4. Additional Bathrooms
    It's safe to say that few people in the pre-coronavirus world were washing their hands quite as much as we do today. This has highlighted the need for a bathroom for each occupied bedroom. All the better if your bathrooms have brass or copper fixtures, known for antimicrobial might, or a built-in bidet. On the flip side, eco-friendly fixtures are less important than they once were.

  5. Superior Mudrooms
    New Yorkers have long known about the importance of kicking off their shoes before entering the house, especially in winter. It's become even more worthwhile now, as studies show that viruses can cling to the soles of shoes and get tracked into a home. A mudroom also gives you the space you need to set up a proper welcome for your guests, including hand sanitizer.

  6. Hands-Free Switches and Faucets
    Updating fixtures and light switches has long been a way to catch buyers' attention and add a flair of the new and exciting. These days, you can give your selling price a little boost by focusing on hands-free switches and faucets. More advanced hands-free solutions are entering the market rapidly, including options for windows, thermostats, showers, and even doors.

  7. More Pantry and Freezer Space
    With homeowners more conscious of stockpiling, storage space matters—especially space for your foodstuffs. Freezer space is at a premium and can't usually be expanded easily, so if you have a modern refrigerator with plenty of room, it could be compelling to buyers.

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