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Landscape Edging - Sell a Home - Laffey Real Estate

Warmer weather is here, and we're entering the height of landscaping season. We're also in the midst of the biggest real estate season of the year, and our REALTORS® have learned that those two things go hand in hand. 

Now is the time to get your landscaping in shape, especially if you're selling your house. When you're getting ready to sell, you need every advantage you can get, and preparing your landscape is just as important as staging the inside of your home. For anyone out there who's listing their Long Island home this season, use these tips to edge your landscaping like a pro!

Why Edging is Important

A lot goes into making your lawn look great, but edging is an often-overlooked step that can take landscaping to the next level. Edging creates a thin but well-defined line, or "edge," alongside grassy areas, separating your lawn from garden beds, sidewalks, and driveways. In addition to making your lawn look great, it also keeps grass and weeds from invading areas where you don't want them. 

Above all, smooth and well-defined lines create a finished look and give a sense of clarity to an area. This is a principle that interior designers use all the time, but it's just as useful when you're planning your landscape. The crisp lines created by edging make your lawn look clean and well planned, which can be a big advantage when you're trying to sell your home. 

How to Edge Like a Pro

Edging isn't difficult, but it does require some time and attention to detail on your part. You could hire a professional landscaping company to do it, but why spend all that money when you can do it yourself? In a few simple steps, you can make your lawn look like it was manicured by a team of pros. Here's how to create a perfect edge along a garden bed:

  • Mark the edge. If you're freshening up the edge along an existing garden bed, it's easy to jump right in. But if you're starting from scratch, you should start by marking out the edge that you want (laying out a garden hose on the ground is a great way to do it). 

  • Create the edge. Once your edge is marked out, use a tool to cut the edge along the line. A spade or a half-moon edger are the traditional tools for this job, but it can be challenging to cut around curves with these tools. A more advanced edging tool, like an electric edger, makes the job easier. It rolls along with a circular blade that cuts into the ground at the desired depth along the edge. 

  • Hone the edge. After the edge is established, use a garden spade to hone the edge down to a depth of 4 to 6 inches. You will also need to remove the soil on the inside of the edge if you're establishing a new bed. A set of hand shears are also great for keeping the edge razor-sharp. 

  • Mulch the bed. Finish the process by putting down 2 to 3 inches of mulch in the garden bed. Mulch right up to the edge of the grass, sloping the mulch up gently from the bottom of the edge to the middle of the bed. 

Ready to learn more about how to spruce up your landscape and prepare your home for sale? Contact us today. Our team has years of experience selling homes, and we're here to help every step of the way. 

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