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Email Post to a Friend: 5 Reasons Square Footage Could Help Sell Your Home

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Sell a Home - Square Footage - Laffey Real Estate

Of all the home design trends that can shape your effort to buy or sell a home, house size is one of the most inflexible. You can remove crown molding or install a kitchen island, but adding or removing square footage is a serious undertaking. However, if you have a larger home, our real estate agents would like to talk with you, as after the tiny home trend, big homes are back in a big way. 

Home trends can lean toward greater square footage for a number of reasons, including suburban areas increasing in popularity and technological advances making large homes easier to maintain. But in 2020, the lockdowns and quarantines have left some homebuyers feeling cramped in homes that now must be ready to accommodate multiple functions. Millennials have expressed significant interest in larger homes and are moving out of apartments and starter homes for something ready to accommodate their next steps. Help potential homebuyers see their future in your home by staging and showing the best uses for the space you have.

  • All In The Family 
    A growing family is one of the most common reasons for seeking more space, but it will require a whole-home approach. Identify rooms that will be suitable as a nursery. Determine which areas might be best for placing child gates. If you have an extra room on the first floor, it might serve as a playroom for rainy days with floor cushions or a schoolroom for home learning with folding tables. Your outdoor space is also important, as parents will be looking for places to put inflatable pools or swing sets.

  • Work It Out
    Gym closures have prompted several homeowners to start or expand on their home gyms. This is a perfect choice for rooms that receive a lot of natural light and have a wall suitable for weight racks or mirrors. Home gyms are great for rooms that are too narrow to serve as a family room or bedroom, but have enough length to arrange equipment.

  • The Shortest Commute
    Working from home may be required by some workplaces as precautions remain, but many home buyers have realized that remote work has its advantages. If you have a room in a quiet part of the house with sufficient outlets for multiple devices, consider staging it as an office. Home offices don't need to be as large as bedrooms or playrooms, so it's a good option for smaller rooms.

  • Like Peas in a Pod 
    Social circles have become closer-knit for many, with families choosing to restrict the number of people they interact with in person. That means entertaining at home for small groups has come into its own. If you have a room that is wide and has a long, uninterrupted stretch of wall, it's a home theater in the making. Open plan arrangements on the first floor are ideal for casual dinner parties. If you have a large formal dining room, with a quick change of furnishings, you have space for dancing and games.  And don't forget the outdoors. A deck with a fire pit and seating makes for a space to catch up even as the summer nights give way to autumn's crisp breezes. 

Larger homes offer greater privacy and the quiet space every family needs to concentrate or relax. Home size trends come and go, but now is the time to go big. And if you have any questions about helping people see the best in your home, contact us today. 

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