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Email Post to a Friend: Homebuyers: What to Ask During a Video Tour

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Video Tour Questions - Homebuyers - Laffey Real Estate

If you're buying a home in a location that you can't readily commute to, video visits are a perfect way to get up close to a house you may not be able to see in person just yet. Video visits can help you narrow down options, or reduce the risks when you must buy a new home sight unseen. Our real estate agents are highly experienced in helping home buyers in a variety of situations, and we want you to make the best of your visits, whether virtual or in person. You should have a list of questions to ask about the homes you view; you can add these, or use them to start your list. 

  • How long has this property been on the market?
    Sometimes, a home just needs the right buyer. But if a home has been on the market for more than a few months, it may have problems that local buyers have spotted more readily. It shouldn't bar you from considering a property you love, but it should prompt closer inspection and further questions.

  • Can you open the curtains and/or blinds?
    You'll want to check for the quality of the natural light, examine for obstructed or otherwise undesirable views and get a peek at the outdoor space you'll have access to, if the tour has not started with the outdoor view.

  • How old are the major appliances?
    Replacing worn-out appliances can add thousands to the price of a home. And don't forget to ask about the furnace and hot water heater. If you're looking for a home in the cooler months, ask if your real estate agent can turn on the heat for a brief test.

  • Can you turn the camera towards the ceiling?
    This is the easiest way to spot serious water damage from leaks. It is no substitute for a full inspection, but it will give you a guide to what may need a closer look.

  • What do you hear when you walk across wooden or carpeted floors?
    Sounds of creaking may not be a problem, but they can also indicate signs that the sub-flooring needs repair. If your real estate agent hears creaking, ask when the carpeting was installed. Newer carpeting may indicate that it was installed to conceal problems with the sub-flooring.

  • Do you smell dampness or mold?
    Some years are wetter than others, but moisture can cause damage, and poorly managed dampness can indicate roof damage.

  • What noises do you hear, and how loud are they?
    This is especially important in downtown areas or busy streets. Construction may be loud, but it's usually temporary. Loud traffic noises, however, tend to be persistent. If you work at night or are a homebody, a quiet neighborhood will be even more important. 

Buying a home can cause some apprehension even when you're able to see the house in person. It can be especially challenging when you must rely on video tours, which is why we're here to assist you with any concerns you have. If you have questions or would like to take a video tour, please contact us today. 

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