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Staging Dining Room - Laffey Real Estate

Sometimes yesterday's design trends just don't seem to fit with today's lifestyles. If you're selling your home, you'll want to appeal to as many buyers as possible, and that may seem difficult if there are spaces that might go unused or just aren't very functional. The good news is you don't have to keep the space for its intended use.

Staging your Long Island home for sale is a good idea, and it can help you use that tricky space as a plus that will add a little extra appeal for buyers.  One space you might want to look at changing is a formal dining room. If there is eating space in the kitchen, why not showcase the dining room as extra space buyers will use every day. Of course, you'll want to consider your space and the types of buyers you'll see, but our real estate agents recommend considering one of these spaces that will catch their attention.

  • Office
    More people work from home than ever before so repurposing your formal dining room as an office space isn't a bad idea. Keep the furniture and storage by walls to help keep the room from looking crowded. Using a bookcase for storage contains work materials and can allow you to add interest with a little décor as well. You can even do a two-person office by positioning desks along perpendicular walls. Add a door for privacy during phone calls and virtual meetings.

  • Home Gym
    Every buyer wants to imagine their best possible life in a new home. That often includes increased health and wellness, so a home gym is another good option. You'll want to add a little color here to create an upbeat vibe and break up the dark, monochromatic look of gym equipment. Just be careful not to overdo it. A mirror helps exercisers check their form and brightens the room as well. Space for a treadmill or exercise bike, floor mats, a few hooks to hang a towel or small exercise equipment, and a storage bench are excellent additions to the space.

  • Playroom
    If your neighborhood attracts families, a dedicated play space is always a plus. It means kids can play independently, and their toys won't take over the entire house. A kid-sized table and chairs is a must, along with storage children can easily reach to help keep everything in its place. A patterned rug looks fun and can help keep noise levels down.

  • TV or Gaming Room
    Buyers want to imagine enjoying themselves in their new home. So dedicated entertainment space can always impress. A smaller sofa and lounge chair won't overcrowd the space leaving room for a side table or coffee table for snacks and beverages. Wall-mount the TV to save space and use wall-mounted shelves to accommodate accessories like a soundbar or gaming systems and controllers.

  • Extra Bedroom
    Extra bedrooms are always appealing to buyers. Bedroom design is usually basic and versatile, so even if that bedroom isn't really a bedroom, it will suggest extra useable space to a buyer. You'll want to add some kind of door for privacy if there isn't one. And don't forget to include a dresser or freestanding closet for clothes. Choose whatever size bed won't overcrowd the room.

Staging your home to appeal to buyers can help it sell quicker and at a better price. Our agents at Laffey Real Estate understand what buyers are looking for and can help get your home sold. Contact us today to get started.

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