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Email Post to a Friend: Put These Items on Your Spring Cleaning Supply List

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Spring Cleaning Supply List - Homeowners - Laffey Real Estate

With spring right around the corner, now is the perfect time to prepare for spring cleaning. Spring is a fantastic time to tend to all those projects you've been meaning to do, and our real estate agents know a sparkling house is more appealing to potential buyers. 

Nothing is worse than settling in for a few hours of cleaning, only to discover you don't have everything you need for the job. Here are some items to add to your cleaning supply list to ensure you're prepared for any mess you encounter. 

  1. A Vacuum with an Extension Wand and Attachments
    A vacuum cleaner is a must-have for any cleaning job. Before you start wiping things down, use your vacuum cleaner to remove dirt, dust, and grime. Remember, when dirt gets wet, it makes mud, which can make it even more cumbersome to clean your home. Vacuum as much of it away to expedite your cleaning. If possible, select a vacuum cleaner with an extension wand and a few attachments. A round horsehair attachment is a versatile option that works well on multiple surfaces: upholstered furniture, baseboards, and hard floors. A roller-head attachment is a great addition if you have pets that shed a lot; it will help remove hair from your furniture, bedding, and rugs.
  1. Microfiber Cloths
    When it's time to wash your walls or clean your cabinets, a microfiber cloth is an environmentally-friendly alternative. Microfiber won't scratch your surfaces, and it works well with a number of cleaning agents. After the job is complete, just throw them in your washing machine, launder, and reuse.

  2. A Small Scrub Brush
    A small scrub brush is an essential item for scouring small places, like your grout, the areas around your faucets, and the nooks and crevices of your window sills. Stick with a brush that has stiff bristles to ensure it lasts. In a pinch, an old toothbrush will also work.

  3. A Broom and Dustpan
    Use the broom to remove debris from your floors that you can't vacuum up. Or, use it to clear toys and trash from underneath beds and furniture. You can also use it to knock down cobwebs. If possible, opt for a standing dustpan so that you don't have to constantly crouch down.

  4. Powdered Detergent
    Add a teaspoon of powdered detergent to a cup of hot water to create a strong cleaning solution that removes most stains within minutes. Powdered detergent contains powerful cleaning agents that make it easier to scrub away scuffs, strains, and spills. You can also use it on a number of surfaces, including your counters, floors, walls, and upholstered items. Make sure to go over the area with a wet cloth to remove any residue when you're done. 
  1. A Mop and Mop Bucket
    Your hard floors won't get clean without a thorough mopping. A spin mop is one alternative that works well on multiple types of flooring, including tile, hardwood floors, and laminate. With a spin mop, you control how wet the mop is. Spin mops also work well for cleaning your baseboards. Just mop them like you would your floors. 
  1. Glass Cleaner
    Glass cleaner is another adaptable cleaner that you can use on multiple surfaces. Try it on your windows, glass furniture, mirrors, doorknobs, and greasy appliances. 

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