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Email Post to a Friend: Spring Makeover for Your Front Yard

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Front Yard Spring Makeover - Laffey Real Estate

Is it time for a spring makeover for your front yard? It is the "face" of your home, and to passersby, it is an indication of what the inside of your home looks like. An unkempt yard gives the impression of a home that is just as messy and disordered, while a well-maintained one builds the expectation of an orderly, tidy home.

Along with spring cleaning your home, consider doing a spring makeover for your front yard. The weather is perfect for it, and so are the bright, uplifting plants and flowers that come with the season. The following guide will take you through how to do your makeover:

  • Take stock of what you need
    When you get started, you want to keep going without stopping to get supplies. You can do that by taking stock of what you need and getting everything before starting. Start from one corner of your yard and work toward the other, working from the top down. Start with the exterior walls of the front of your house and decide what you would like to do here: Would you like to plant climbing plants or vines, and would you like them to be flowered or not? Perhaps the exterior walls could do with a fresh coat of paint.

    Look at your windows, too, and think about functional and decorative touches like exterior window shutters. Take a look at your patio too. Is the outdoor furniture in good condition, or do you need to replace it? If not replacing, does it need a coat of paint and perhaps new cushion covers? As you shop for this, consider adding a new mat for the front door and giving the door a new coat of paint if it needs it.

    Next, consider the greenery. If you have a garden, are the plants and gardens in good condition, or do you need to plant new ones to add color and variety? Maybe you can add some herbs that you can use in the kitchen. Is your garden overrun with weeds that need to be pulled out? If you don't have a garden in your front yard, would you like to start one as part of your spring makeover for your front yard? Apart from your garden, is your lawn neatly trimmed?

  • Consider some new touches
    Before you get started, consider adding some new touches. This could be decorative garden lights or planters on your patio. Decide also if you will use planters that can also be functional and decorative. You can take it further and add a pathway to the front door or even a water feature like a fountain that is a good size for the space in your front yard.

  • Make a plan
    If you have a green thumb, you may feel optimistic about handling everything yourself. If so, head to the store and get what you need. If not, think about leaving the job to the experts, such as a landscaping company. If you're making big changes like having exterior shutters put in, adding gardening lights that need wiring, or putting in a water feature, you'll need to leave that to the pros. 

Whether you're sprucing up your front yard to attract buyers or you are looking to buy a home where you can create your ideal yard, our real estate agents will guide you through the process. Contact us, and let's get started with finding you a Long Island home to buy or finding a buyer for your home. 

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