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Houseplant Help - Homeowners - Laffey Real Estate

Do you laugh when people tell you it's National Houseplant Appreciation Day because you're a notorious plant killer? If, like most of us, you enjoy the beauty houseplants bring to a home but have a brown thumb, have no fear. Our real estate agents have some nearly bullet-proof suggestions that will let you join the ranks of houseplant aficionados whose homes proudly display elegant living decor. Your first step will be assessing the light levels in the spaces where you want to place your plants. 

  •  Albuca Spiralis
    This unique sun lover will be an instant conversation piece when given a prominent position in a window. Its deep green tendrils spiral wildly, like curling ribbon on a package. A healthy plant will welcome spring with stalks of yellow-green flowers that give off a pleasant vanilla-like scent. But harvest the blossoms, or your plant will lose its signature curls. The leaves will also tell you whether your plant is over or underwatered. If they start turning yellow, slow down on the watering. If they droop and the tips turn brown, your plant is thirsty. Be sure to select a pot with good drainage.

  • Jade Plant
    For the perfect guardian of sliding glass doors and gracious bay windows, look no further than the Jade Plant. Resembling a lush indoor tree, your admiration is almost all of the attention it needs to be healthy. A jade plant can survive almost a month of you forgetting to water it. Its chubby leaves store plenty of water to keep it healthy for a long time, and if it does show any signs of thirst, it will perk up quickly when you finally remember it.

  • Peace Lily
    If your bad plant habit includes overwatering, it's hard to drown this beauty. Although its preference is bright, indirect light, it can also tolerate lower levels. Its one sensitivity is cold, so you want to ensure it's placed in a warm spot. An icy foyer would not be a great environment for it. Given a warm home with good light, it will bloom year-round, producing delicate white flowers reminiscent of little flags. In fact, that signal for surrender is why it's named for peace. If you forget to water it, the leaves will quickly wilt to remind you.

  • English Ivy
    If you've always been jealous of that plant your friend has displayed on a top shelf that trails bright green leaves almost to the floor, you might want to try your hand at English Ivy. It's a little bit particular, but not difficult. It requires medium to bright light and will be very unhappy in shadowy spaces. Ivy needs room to let down its dripping stems. It doesn't like too much water but does enjoy misting, which helps keep the dust from settling on its leaves.

  • Christmas Cactus
    A Christmas Cactus is a popular, low-maintenance option for a dramatic pot of color without a lot of work. While it may look like a desert dweller, it actually comes from the Brazilian rain forest. It likes humidity but needs good drainage to avoid root rot. This is a great option for those of us who tend to overwater. Misting helps mimic its humid origins. It enjoys the occasional trip outside for a bit of sun but is safest in the shade. You can share it with a friend by gifting a rooted cutting.

If you're looking forward to decorating your new home or staging your current house for sale, houseplants are attractive decor. Contact us for more assistance whether you're searching, selling, or both. 

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