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Considering the Garage - Laffey Real Estate

Home garages are not what they used to be. Homebuyers expect the garage to have adequate space for parking one or two cars, storing tools and household items, building home projects, and pursuing hobbies. According to our real estate agents, buyers expect the garage to be a livable space in the home that serves multiple purposes.

In most newer home developments, the garage is attached to the house. This provides easy access to the house and added safety when parking the car, especially at night. The garage has become an important home feature that prompts home buyers to ask a lot of questions before making an offer on a property.

  • Are the Garage Floors and Walls in Good Condition?
    While attached garages are usually better maintained, detached garages suffer more damages to floors and walls due to exposed weather conditions. Many garage floors and walls are concrete, so it's important to look for foundation cracks, uneven surfaces from settling, and signs of water stains that may indicate leaks.

  • Will My Cars Fit in the Garage?
    Today, most families own at least two vehicles, and even three when teens or adult children live at home with their parents. Homes with two-car and three-car garages are in big demand. Homebuyers want to make sure that the garage is big enough to hold their cars, as well as bicycles and sporting equipment before they make a commitment.

  • Does the Garage Door Open Remotely?
    When you live in New York, nobody wants to get out of the car and open the garage door during freezing winter temperatures. Homebuyers want high-quality garage doors with automatic openers that make parking easier and safer. It's a good idea to inspect the garage door for proper operation and a battery backup.

  • Is the Garage Heated?
    In a cold winter climate, a heated garage can be a key amenity. Unheated garages provide little use when outdoor temperatures are below freezing. If the garage will be used for laundry, home projects, and hobbies, activities will be much more comfortable in a heated garage. If you're looking to purchase a home, inquire about heat and insulation in the garage and find out how old it is.

  • Does the Garage have Lighting?
    If you plan to use the garage for various tasks, it's important to make sure there is adequate lighting. If there's only a bare bulb in the center of the ceiling, you will likely need to add more lighting. This means inspecting the wiring and the electrical panel to ensure more lighting can be added safely. Garage wiring may also be linked to outdoor lighting for the home's exterior and landscaping.

  • Is There Enough Power for Appliances and Tools?
    Homebuyers often overlook the electrical amp service in the garage. However, without proper voltage and electrical outlets, it will be difficult to use the garage for anything except storage. If you're considering a home purchase, make sure there's a 220-volt service to run a washer and dryer, a refrigerator or freezer, and power tools. If you have an electric car, a 220-volt plug is essential.

  • Do Shelves and Work Benches Stay in the Garage?
    Many garages have areas that contain shelving, storage cabinets, and workbenches. If these features are not built-it, ask your agent if they stay in the garage when the house sells. If you want to keep them, your agent can work something out with the seller.

If you're considering buying or selling a home, contact us for information and prices on available properties with Laffey Real Estate in your area.

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