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Decorating Style - Sell a Home - Laffey Real Estate

Home decorating trends are constantly changing, and staying up to date with home designs is essential for anyone looking to sell. The last two years have brought substantial changes to how we live. As life eases back to normalcy, new home trends are popping up while designers retire other designs. Our real estate agents have the exclusive scoop on the hottest trends to refresh your decorating style below.

What's In?

2022 is an exciting year for home designs, thanks to trends like the following.

  • Bohemian Details
    Interest in Boho interiors has been rising since 2017, and designers expect the style to stay popular in the foreseeable future. The cozy feel, eclectic atmosphere, and colorful aesthetic make for an inviting interior.

    Textures are the most critical part of boho style. Play around with planters of different natural materials, baskets, natural fiber rugs, artwork, and colorful Turkish or Persian rugs. Then, add vintage and second-hand furniture items like chaise lounges and butterfly chairs.

    Bohemian interiors often use neutral hues like gray and brown to create a blank canvas. However, you can use any color you want to complement all the textures and patterns.

  • Cottagecore
    Cottagecore is another vintage-inspired home design, which got especially popular after the release of Taylor Swift's "Folklore" album. The style romanticizes rural life through botanical prints, vintage fabrics, antique furniture, plants, and vintage rugs.

    Handmade items are a big part of this aesthetic, and you can fashion wall hangings out of cotton, yarn, and other natural materials or try crocheting your own colorful throws. Open kitchen shelves with vintage mugs, mismatched plates, and a classic tea kettle add to the Victorian charm.

  • Maximalism
    Minimalism is out, and maximalism is in with a vengeance. Its hallmark is an explosion of colors, patterns, cultures, print, and sentimental items with no clear design rules.

    Maximalism is about surrounding yourself with the colors and items you love. However, the look can quickly get cluttered and chaotic, so you should edit out anything that doesn't feel cohesive. You want a sophisticated and layered look that reflects your personality and style.

  • Bright Walls
    If you want to give your interiors a fresh makeover, paint your walls in bright hues. Vibrant blooms in orange, green, red, or yellow will eliminate the pandemic gloom and stimulate creativity. Also, embrace earth brown, olive, gray, or taupe for a more toned-down but sophisticated décor.

What's Out

2022 is also the year to say goodbye to some design trends like the following:

  • Farmhouse Style
    Soft, neutral colors, rustic wood, and metallics are unmistakable farmhouse design elements. Many designers are ready to retire this décor for more exciting trends. However, homeowners are refreshing this décor for a more modern feel through white upholstery, smooth wood finishes, colorful pillows, botanical prints, and shiny chandeliers.

  • Minimalism
    The popularity of the minimalist trend is fading as people look to surround themselves with items that bring them joy. At the height of the pandemic, public health efforts focused on pairing down to make living spaces cleaner and disinfected.

    But, people have developed a renewed appreciation for the things that matter. Clean lines, white walls, and pared-down spaces are being replaced by handmade items, bold colors, plants, artwork, and personal items.

  • White on White
    All-white-everything brings calm and comfort, but designers are shying away from this Scandinavian-inspired fad. Many homeowners are also looking to breathe life into living spaces with colorful palettes. Striking accents and moody colors like black and olive green are refreshing white cabinets in the kitchen.

If you plan to sell your home, keep track of home trends as they reflect homebuyers' interests. Contact us to learn more about what buyers are looking for this year.

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