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Email Post to a Friend: How to Make a Galley Kitchen More Functional

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Update a Galley Kitchen - Laffey Real Estate

A galley kitchen can seem small and dark if not utilized properly. In reality, it's actually one of the most functional designs for a kitchen since everything you need while you cook is at most a few steps away, if not right in arm's reach. How, then, to make this design look more welcoming? The difference is all in the details, as our real estate agents will show you.

  • Clear the Way
    Having a lot of stuff in the way as you traverse the kitchen will make it feel more cramped. Avoid a lot of clutter, such as too many rugs, and for reaching upper cabinets, invest in footstools that will fold up and stow neatly out of the way. If you have a bar, make sure that bar stools can tuck neatly under it when not in use. Galley kitchens look best without a lot of visual interruptions.

  • Eliminate Clutter
    Just like it's important to clear the pathways in a galley kitchen when you don't have much space available, it helps to maintain a clean, minimalist look closer to eye level. Keep countertops clear of clutter and stow appliances when not in use. Clean, clutter-free lines can completely transform the look and feel of a galley kitchen, emphasizing its functional layout.

  • Layer Lighting
    A galley kitchen can look small and dark when it's not lit properly, and unfortunately, good lighting wasn't commonplace when many galley kitchens were installed. As a result, lighting should be one of your top priorities as you update your home. When possible, use windows to fill the kitchen with natural light and make it appear bigger and more open. As for artificial lighting, opt for layered lighting, with overhead fixtures to light the entire kitchen, plus under-cabinet task lighting to provide focused light as you work. The brighter and more dynamic your lighting, the better your galley kitchen will look.

  • Design Sleek Cupboards
    Some old galley kitchens may need to have the cupboard layout updated, or you may be able to reface and work with what you have. The best galley kitchens have custom cupboards designed to make the most of the space you have, maximizing your storage without reducing the amount of floor space in the kitchen. Custom cupboards can help you reclaim lost storage space, while smooth, handle-less cupboard faces will also help to minimize the appearance of your cupboards by eliminating those visual interruptions we talked about earlier.

  • Utilize Wall Space
    If redesigning your cupboards isn't an option, you may need to focus on the under-utilized wall space. The key to making a galley kitchen functional is to make the most of your storage, so take stock of what isn't being used right now. For instance, trendy open shelving can be mounted on empty stretches of wall, even in oft-overlooked places such as on tops of cupboards or above the window.

Galley kitchens are a favorite for many chefs because of how conveniently placed everything is. For more ideas on how to show off your galley kitchen to potential buyers, or if you're ready to start the search for your dream house with the perfect kitchen, contact us today.

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