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Summer Backyard Activities - Homeowners - Laffey Real Estate

Summer on Long Island is in full swing, and the kids have been complaining that there's nothing to do. They've even gotten bored with video games! But parents, have no fear! A spacious backyard is a perfect venue for a summer fun fest, and our real estate agents have plenty of ideas to help make that happen. 

  • Lawn Games
    While more popular with younger children, even teens may enjoy oversized dominos, Jenga, or throwing games such as ring toss and bean bags. Game pieces are a snap for the do-it-yourselfer with the proper tools. Pre-made options are available in a broad price range from about $15 to $50. Don't forget the popsicle or ice cream treats to cool down after the competition. An ice cream maker might be a hit!

  • Water Wars
    The summer sun makes water activities very attractive. Small children love splashing in wading pools, running through sprinklers, and shooting squirt guns. Home splash pads are inexpensive options that keep small children out of the mud. Small to medium-sized groups of all ages go wild for water balloon fights. Fill two washtubs with pre-filled water balloons, choose sides, and move cellphones and cameras out of the way. Everyone is a winner in the chaotic battle that ensues! You can procure inexpensive squirt guns at dollar stores or buy better quality options wherever toys are sold. 

  • Trampoline
    Home trampolines are available in several different styles and prices. Before you buy, consider who will be using it and how. Small personal models with handrails are great for exercise. They are easy to find for about $65. The safest choice for elementary school children through adults would probably be an enclosed model. You can find a 12-foot diameter trampoline surrounded by a safety net for about $280. Be sure to consider the weight limits for safety purposes. If you decide that this is an activity everyone in the family enjoys, you may opt for an in-ground version that can never flip and will last for years to come. You can expect to spend between $2,000 and $3,000 for this fixture.

  • Picnic
    Not even the most sullen teen can resist the tantalizing aroma of food cooked on the grill. You can prepare a feast within your budget with options from hot dogs and hamburgers to surf and turf. Everything tastes a little better when it's served outdoors. With the kitchen just a few feet away, you can serve cold food like potato salad and chilled watermelon without dealing with a heavy ice chest. Use disposable plates and cutlery to save on clean-up. A small hibachi or grill is perfect for roasting marshmallows for America's favorite s'mores for dessert.

  • Movie Night
    Easily tailored to all ages, the backyard movie night is the latest rage. The first thing you'll need is a screen, which you can buy or make yourself. One easy DIY is a bedsheet stretched on a PVC frame. Another is a sheet attached to a clothesline, tacked to a wall or fence, or hung from a curtain rod. Next, of course, is the projector. With an average price of about $300, you can invest if you plan on doing this again. If not, you can rent one and some libraries let you check them out. Pick your movie, add the popcorn, and you're ready to roll!

Did you notice that these activities can be combined for an exciting weekend of family fun? When you're ready to open your private backyard entertainment center, contact us to explore your options. 

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