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Email Post to a Friend: Tips for a Cozier House This Winter

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Make Your Home Cozy This Winter - Laffey Real Estate

When the wind is howling, and snow is drifting on the driveway, nothing seems more inviting than snuggling up on the couch with our loved ones. To keep your home comfortable through the coldest New York winters, our real estate agents want to offer you a few helpful hints.

  • Break out the blankets
    Fleece throws are available in a tremendous variety of colors and patterns, so you should have no problem finding plenty of options to complement your decor. Fabrics range from inexpensive fleece to luxurious alpaca wool. Make them readily available to family and guests by storing them openly in a decorator basket or draping them gracefully on the backs of chairs and sofas. But don't be surprised if family members claim their favorites as their own.

  • Warm up the floors
    Harwood floors are lovely to look at but can be hard on cold feet. To overcome this downside, look to rugs to save the day. They serve triple duty by keeping your feet warm, providing insulation, and adding beautiful design elements to transform the appearance of your home for the season. While more expensive than throws on the couch, they are still available in a myriad of colors, styles, and prices. A simple runner down a long hallway can make early morning jaunts to the bathroom more comfortable for the occupants of multiple bedrooms, even if they forget to wear their slippers. 

  • Consider curtains
    So many people have opted for blinds these days, they have lost the value of curtains and drapes. But they provide additional insulation between the windows and the room. Heavy backing will increase the insulative effect. When you don't want to remodel a room completely, adding drapes can create an entirely new look appropriate to the season. Drapes between rooms can also help eliminate cold drafts.

  • Build a fire
    Many New York homes are graced with a fireplace that brings warmth to the room and soft, comforting light. But what about the homes that don't have one? If you're faced with that challenge, why not try a candle display? Tall, thin tapers lend elegance to the dining room table. Classic chunky candles of varying heights can add a touch of ancient class or a homey display, depending upon the accessories paired with them. And don't forget the effect of scented candles on a room or the gentle light they cast. 

  • Serve hot drinks
    The possibilities here are endless. A delicious cup of hot coffee can bring added warmth to chilly mornings. A quiet night at home can become a celebration by adding hot cocoa. Make it special for the season with peppermint stir sticks. Mulled wine, Irish coffee, hot buttered rum, and hot toddy are perfect adult beverages to warm you to your toes. Warm drinks can be as fancy as you wish or as simple. The cost of hot tea and the time it takes to brew it are negligible. No one will complain if you add a few homemade cookies, too!

Making a home cozy for winter begins by living in a house you love. If you're in the market, our agents can show you homes in Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens counties. Contact us when you are ready to shop. 

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